#233: Jump in Puddles

I’ve been planning this for a long while, and since most of Australia seems to be raining at the moment, many of you can play along at home! Huzzah!

I put on my trusty crocs and ventured outside. After looking around shiftily at the neighbour’s windows, and pretending to check my mail, I ran and jumped in giant puddles all over the place, and under a broken gutter that was waterfalling merrily.

And then I was extremely wet, and I went inside and had a shower. Thus ends the tale.

Someone else has taken over the zombie plans, and it’s on for February 5. Double huzzah! Corpse-like makeup party at my place before we go!


From smileosmile.com, today’s piracy:









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2 thoughts on “#233: Jump in Puddles

  1. Huzzah for puddle-jumping. It’s really quite fun, but only when you can go straight inside and shower. I agree with your methodology.

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