S#7: Magic Trick

This turned out to be startlingly easy.

The “before” shot:

















On the ratio of “least amount of work to most amount of results”, this scores VERY highly. I practised exactly once with non-fragile items, once with the (stoneware) plate and (metal) cutlery, and then set things up with the glasses for the video (they are glass glasses). CJ said, “Don’t you want to prepare a bit more first?” and I said, “This is way more interesting.”

So many unpleasant things in life begin that way.



The “after” shot:

















The instant the video ended, CJ wanted a go. He mastered it instantly. So will at least some of you*.






















I know from Mythbusters that the ideal circumstances are: A table that is stable and smooth. A cloth that is lightweight non-stretch satin, shiny side down (and the edge should be lined up with the far edge of your table). Light-weight objects. The larger the table, and the more objects you have – the more difficult it is.** It’s gravity versus friction.

Our table is smooth but not completely stable, and the fabric is medium-weight satin that stretches in one direction. And that’s it! That’s all the magic there is.

Oh, and by the way, you know Santa? He’s really not that nice.

*the cool ones.

**so don’t try this on the Christmas dinner table, and that means you, Uncle “eggnog” Bob.

PS yep I’m publishing this at 2am. I so badly wish I was asleep right now.

Guess what happened today? I read a “deeply honest, heartfelt” blog by someone saying how awful it is that she’s been writing two whole years and isn’t published yet. Then I read another blog article by someone saying how brilliant a particular writing program is, and how much it helped her and made her feel great about her book – her first book, which was barely finished when she applied (and at the program she worked with a close personal friend of Garth Nix, author of “Sabriel” and a personal hero of mine). I applied for that exact program, and I’ve written twelve freaking books over twelve long and soul-destroying years.

Clearly, I just suck.

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2 thoughts on “S#7: Magic Trick

  1. Pretty neat trick. I suspect perhaps a decent part of the trick is having the confidence to try it.

    1. W: i get my confidence from watching Adam do it. Gotta love the power of SCIENCE (as seen in TV and/or comics) as opposed to science (as seen in boring old books).

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