#20: Acoustic guitar

The guitar is my favourite instrument. I love the curvy shape.* I also love the intimacy of the sound, and my favourite music is often a single person singing and playing their guitar.

During high school I was obsessive about guitars for a few months. I remember walking along practising chords on the air. I never had a formal lesson, just learned to read the chord diagrams and some very basic strumming. It’s all you need.

I don’t own a guitar, but even with my minimal knowledge I can pick up a guitar at a friend’s place and just play. It also proved useful when I was entertaining earthquake refugees in Indonesia. But mostly, I just love having an excuse (however slender) to touch the pretty thing.**

You can tell from the extremely low number that this was one of the first awesomenesses I thought of, way back in March.

*Best not to analyse that.

**See above.

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7 thoughts on “#20: Acoustic guitar

  1. Hmmm – that room seems familiar, and so do those clothes…… I see you kept yourself occupied after I left!

    1. Cellos have the most beautiful sound – even more beautiful than guitar. And violin. And anything. I really love the theme tune of “Angel”. It makes me want to run around, and cry (both in a good way).

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