S#50: Decide on a Lifelong Dream

Nice and easy one today.

My main lifelong dream is pretty obvious – to be consistently published by a reputable publisher (with good enough distribution that my books actually get bought by the public in high enough numbers that the next book gets published, and the next, and so on).

Today’s lifelong dream won’t come as a shock to anyone who’s either met me or read more than one of this year’s twittertales. Recurring motifs, anyone?

So here’s my new (ish) lifelong dream: I want to have CJ’s babies.

Not yet. . . but before my womb gets excessively dusty with age. At 28, that gives me a few years before the pressure is on.

CJ and I talked about children from about two months into our relationship (definitely in the “not a good idea, but it worked out this time” category of my life). We’ve been married just under 2 years now, and if we want to be able to buy a nice house we need to put off procreation for a bit longer – I’ve heard a rumour kids are, like, expensive. Possibly even inconvenient, at times.

I know how lucky I am to be able to have this dream. Being married to CJ remains a wonderful surprise (and honestly easier than I expected, which shows how much an observant person can learn from those around them).

And here’s some excessively cute pictures of my two-month old niece:

In the meantime, my cats are cute and cuddly and don’t require any major lifestyle changes. And I appreciate that too.

Part of the fun of having a dream is seeing it all shiny and perfect – which requires it to be far away.

I do believe all the wonders (and horrors) of motherhood will eventually be described right here on the blog – at least until my kids are old enough to ask me to stop.

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