#242: Modern Art

Art should provoke an emotional response. Some modern art is brilliant, and some makes me say, “That’s PATHETIC!” (which is, technically, an emotional response).

I’ve been thinking about my own piece for some time now, and wanted to make some kind of comment on Christmas. Here’s what I finally came up with (there was a flash of late-night inspiration, naturally):

For those who don’t know, Gaviscon is Australia’s leading product for the relief of heartburn and indigestion. What could be more Christmassy than that?

Please file your comments on the worthiness or otherwise of this piece of art* below. Bonus points for any of the following words:



visual allegory


For those who prefer the kind of art that looks nice, I give you “Ana at Twilight” (when the wall is toasty):

*I DID mention a few days ago that I’m no artist.

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4 thoughts on “#242: Modern Art

  1. The hurynoggininitiness of your piece is acerbically entertaining in its pseudoideological post-modernist triteness. Brownie points?

    1. Jolyon: Even with a madeup word, that makes perfect sense. And like art itself, it can be interpreted in many ways. Many, many brownie points to you sir.

  2. The juxtaposition of the blutac and the Christmas baubles emphasizes the synergy of the hurynoggininity…. (what ever the heck THAT is)


    Hey, it ticks all the boxes, just because I don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it’s not valid.


    1. Stu: You were doing SO WELL until you admitted hurynoggininity wasn’t a real word. You’ll never make a good critic now.

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