#243: Record the Snore

CJ has many excellent qualities, among them his ability to sleep well. Very, very well. This led to one of those Conversations newlyweds have:

Me: Darling, you know that you snore.

CJ: Oh no, I’m sorry. Did I keep you awake?

Me: Well. . . you kept me entertained.

CJ [looking slightly trapped and not knowing why]: Um. . .

Me: I didn’t mind. It’s just. . .

CJ [increasingly paranoid]: Just?

Me: Well. . . you’re not normal.

CJ [utterly relieved for some reason]: Was I very loud?

Me: Not exactly. Well, sometimes. I think maybe you should see a doctor.

CJ [giving me an, “Aren’t women peculiar?” look]: Riiight.

Me: Really. I’m not annoyed.

CJ [alt/del/wifemustbeannoyed_retreat] I’m sorry.

Me [feeling more insane by the moment]: No – you – I – breathing!

CJ: I’m breathing now.

Me: Yes. Excellent point. Well. . . I guess that means you’re fine.

CJ [cautiously]: Good.

And so it was that CJ put an app on his phone that lets me record him snoring. After a few feeble recordings, I was finally able to prove that he’s. . . well, Not Normal.


This is the recording, along with pics of the family sleeping – do stick with it to the end (you can hear me desperately trying not to laugh and wake him up):

And this is CJ’s face as he listened to it for the first time:

In other breathing-related news, sadly the zombie walk for 5 February has been re-cancelled. We’re back to the backup plan of myself and a relatively small number doing our thing in January. Details later.

The good news?

I don’t cancel stuff unless I’m dead – an excuse which won’t work this time, now will it?

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