S#57: Secret Squirrel

Today’s mission was to visit a secret hiding spot – somewhere high up.

I chose a Chinese Elm tree at my parents’ house. Back in the day, I used to be able to climb this tree to get onto their roof, then slide down a branch Legolas-on-the-Oliphaunt’s-trunk style to get down. The access branch has long since been “retired” but the tree is still flourishing.

So here it is: today’s awesomeness (suggested by steffmetal.com).

Step 1: The manly hoick into the branches (yep, I was wearing an ankle-length dress. The last three times I visited I wore pants, but it was always either raining, blowing a gale, or both).

2. The first, “Hmm, maybe this isn’t such a good idea” moment.

3. The triumphant smirk as I reached my destination.

4. The casual glance back at the envious mini-people below.

5. The distressing realisation that I’m now stuck.

6. And finally, the descent.

I walked inside happy, brushing twigs and leaves from the outside of my dress, and wriggling to dislodge those trapped and digging into my skin.

No fatalities = awesome.

By the way, YES  – comments on this entry get magically crunched into money for the charity Heifer International. Ditto for any comments this week. And yes, it’s a cunning ploy to draw out all you silent readers who visit several times a week without saying a word. Don’t worry; I won’t bite.*

PS A few days ago I promised to post the recipe of the best Christmas Pudding I ever tasted. It’s now up at http://shootingthrough.net/2010/12/19/245-food-on-fire/

*unlike a goat. Goats will not be sent to your home address, I promise.**

**Unless your home address is a poor village selected as a lucky goat recipient. If that’s the case, I can’t help you – except of course with the aforementioned goat.

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5 thoughts on “S#57: Secret Squirrel

    1. Thanks Steph Sinkhorn. You’re one of three Stephs around these traps, so you’re in good company. *makes tally mark on charity sheet*

    1. W: I feel sure there’s some comment I should make here about you being out of your tree, but I’m sure you can work it out yourself. My mum took the photos for me – I’ll let her know you were impressed.

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