#249: Re-gift

One of my close friends gave me a really excellent book for Christmas – something which was very touching, since he originally planned to give me lollies (and yep, I’m dieting – it’s the only way to achieve the healthy weight range this year, which I’ve been fighting to reach all year despite sickness and stupid amounts of travel).

It so happens that CJ and I already own the book. My friend knows our habits so well that he not only picked one of the best YA fantasy books ever written, but also immediately asked, “Do you already have it?”

He’s a close enough friend that I answered in the affirmative – but he also knows me well enough to know that having one less Christmas present on my list is extremely helpful right now.

So thank you, Friend Who Gave Me A Book I Already Had, and thank you, Friend Who Will Be Getting That Book For Christmas. I’m grateful to both of you.

Have you ever regifted something? Ever had it go horribly wrong? Do tell!

Tomorrow: This year’s sarcastic Christmas letter – back by popular demand, and this time it has pictures (plus I’ll re-insert my favourite video of 2010).

Keep those Heifer comments coming – every comment (no matter how random) gives them a dollar.

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