#120: Midnight Mass

Last night, based on what seemed like a great idea nine months ago, CJ and I went to midnight mass.

Some of you will recognise this particular Jesus statue and my own penchant for Catholic ritual from http://shootingthrough.net/2010/10/18/215-ritual/.

I like the idea of staying up really late on Christmas Eve for something that goes against all the commercialism and noise of the weeks leading up to Christmas. This church did a fine job.

Men in robes – check

Candles burning – check

Large swathes of symbolically-coloured linen – check

Solemn processionals and recessionals – check

Repeating prayers – check

Sung prayers – check

Moments of reflection – check

Deeply uncomfortable seats – check

All good, and now it’s Christmas morning.

It doesn’t matter how cynical I get about Christmas – I still can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve, or go back to sleep when I wake up far too early on Christmas morning.

As a present to all of you, here’s an extra special Christmas story that I think everyone should read:


Rating: this entry PG for a little swearing, plus eating the Christmas story, throwing it up, and eating it again (Christians may object, but probably they’ll just giggle). The blog itself is maybe M-rated.

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