S#84: Notebook

I know! I promised you a photo of my secret tattoo.

It’s coming. Probably tomorrow. I left all the fake tattoos with my sister, which delayed things.

Don’t get too excited, by the way. The real one’s nowhere dodgy. Honest.

How was yesterday on the internet, by the way? I missed it. I missed it bad.

Today I’m entering a big novel contest, which is why I haven’t done your Scott Westerfeld reviews yet – too busy working on my own. I’ve done five drafts in six weeks, and each draft took about thirty hours. I will do the review, though.

Can you believe tomorrow is next year?

Today I booked a second honeymoon for CJ and I, at the exact same place we had the last one (a little over two years ago – the rationale behind the second honeymoon is that we gotta do it while we’re young and childless. . . and brimming with awesome, of course). Other than swimming at the beach and smooching in the giant spa bath, we’ll be going to Magic Mountain amusement park (aimed at roughly 12-year olds, so it suits us very well) and riding horses.

Moving on! Focusing! The notebook thing!

This is an awesomeness that is right up my street. Here’s the “notebook” I acquired (it’s actually a little box of recycled paper, with a lid that closes with a most satisfying tap).

Guess what it’s recycled from?

Hint: Take a look at the picture on the lid.

Yep, elephant dung.

I decided it was supremely appropriate to make my “which novels are with which publisher, and how late” pin board extra pretty (with flattened elephant dung), and that’s the first thing I used the paper for (after New Year’s resolutions with a bunch of friends. . . which I can’t talk about, but I’m really impressed by my friends right now).

Mmm. . . paper.

I also JUST bought a 2011 diary. It’s ever so shiny and empty and beautiful.

See you next year 🙂

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