S#19: Bells

Today I wore bells around my ankle (not bells technically – two bracelets hooked together – but they jingle). Every time I move, they make noise.

The best part is how both my cats (who each have a bell of their own) freak out every single time.

Torturing cats: It’s what I do.

– – –

Many many years ago, when I was but a girl, some Japanese students visited my high school. The girls were tiny and adorable; the teachers joyfully mangled ocker Australian phrases; it was all going so well.

And then they hosted a party, and I ate sashimi (sushi with raw fish) for the first time. I’d never eaten any kind of sushi before.

That was not a good experience, my peeps. It was not good at all.

Tonight my friend Fay is coming over to make sushi for CJ and I (hopefully while we all watch anime). Fay is going to Japan herself in a matter of weeks, and she and CJ are totally thrilled. They’ve been looking forward to this for nine months – ever since I decided to partake of Every Single Item on steffmetal.com’s awesome list.

I’m still nauseous from going to Indonesia a year ago. Will tonight’s sushi experience redeem these “roundels of heaven” forever? Or will sushi make me hideously ill – again?

I’ll let you know. . . tomorrow.

PS Those Scott Westerfeld reviews I’ve been promising have been written and posted just below this entry.

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