S#39: Learn Braille

Last night, some friends and I discussed what we’d give up in order to get what we want (which varied from world peace to superpowers). Most of us would give up a leg, but one person said they’d rather give up an arm. Most of us would hold on to sight even if it was the only sense we could keep – but one person is a linguist (and music is very important to him) so he’d rather keep hearing.

I wear contact lenses, but I doubt I’ll ever need braille in everyday life. And I’m grateful for that.

All the same, today I learnt the braille alphabet (and I learned that Mr Braille invented it in 1821, so who knows? It may well come up in the steampunk book). I used http://www.fakoo.info/braille-learn.html.

It was very peculiar to write out my name in braille, then look at it and say, “Yes. That looks right.” I’m very impressed with the simplicity and elegance of the system. At least now if I’m struck blind tomorrow, I can still read my own name (if it’s spelled out in letters rather than the more efficient additions to braille).

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