#33: Photograph a tree

When the British first came to Australia, they really disliked eucalyptus trees. They didn’t shade you; they looked ragged; and they were everywhere.

Like most Australians, eucalypts are my favourite tree. They are evergreen, with a beautiful silvery sheen and a pale grace.

So here’s a pretty pretty picture of a tree.

What do vampires and eucalyptus trees have in common?

They’re dead but they’re still pretty.

Coming soon: swim under the stars, horseriding, and sprinkles.

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4 thoughts on “#33: Photograph a tree

  1. You could have taken a picture of a live eucalyptus tree 😉 I remember my first time back in Australia after living in the USA for a year – the thing that hit me most in my first couple of days was the smell of the eucalypts, and the way that it just permeates the air down in Canberra. I’d missed that smell. And I couldn’t notice it at all, two days later.

    1. Jolyon: My original plan was to photograph a live one, but I like the way dead ones grab the scenery. Thanks for the info on eucalyptus – I didn’t know that.

  2. Fun Fact: Eucalyptus trees are one of the most common trees in Los Angeles (actually, they’re very common across California)

    They were introduced in the 19th Century during the Gold Rush there.

    1. Ben: Californian gold-diggers pop up in my (Australian) goldfield history books every so often, usually introducing something to the culture. It makes sense that something should go the other way.

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