S#99: Mmmm, sprinkles!

Today’s awesomeness mission was to bake a cake or cookies for a bunch of friends, utilising the awesome power of sprinkles.

I haz fulfilled my mission.

Here’s the meringues I made (crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, and sprinkled with leftover margarita sugar):

My recipe:

4 egg whites
1.5 c. sugar
healthy splash of vanilla

Preheat oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Beat egg whites until stiff. Add sugar (gradually. . . ish) and vanilla. Drop by teaspoonful onto greased trays. Sprinkle with something shiny and/or chocolate.

Turn off oven and leave in for five hours.

Eat leftover meringue mixture.

Eat cooked meringues.


Take remaining meringues to party.

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4 thoughts on “S#99: Mmmm, sprinkles!

  1. You forgot one step:

    Put some aside to take to beloved Mother! (who cannot eat so many other yummy things but can eat meringues!)

    1. Damien: sheer luck, I promise. The recipe I googled was in fahrenheit so rather than spending 5 seconds finding a convertor I just guessed.

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