#270: Classy Picnic

It’s so nice when awesomeness lands in one’s lap.

One of my friends had a birthday, and celebrated with a “classy picnic” – confidently leaving the interpretation up to his friends. Brave move, sir.

Does this girl remind anyone else of Mary Poppins (and yes, she’s British, highly intelligent, and very capable of letting others know when their manners are not up to par)?

The birthday gentleman is the one in a top hat and shorts.

I always seem to end up with a top hat at these things.

The curious thing about the picnic wasn’t the outfits. It was the – well, the love. Like most humans, my friend inhabits several very different spheres. This was one of those rare parties where the spheres actually mixed, and enjoyed mixing. I knew more than half of the people by various means, but I spent most of my time talking to a group I’d never met before – and it was fun (which is all the more remarkable considering I have a social anxiety disorder that severely impairs my ability to function). It was one of those rare moments in time when the weather is perfect, the food is good, and the company is effortlessly enjoyable.

Without trying, my friend brought out the best in all of us. He doesn’t know it, but he actually does that a lot.

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    1. W: You remain my favourite one-man rent-a-crowd. I’ve never found someone who didn’t enjoy spending time with you.

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