#118: Lend a cat

As many of you are aware, CJ and I are about to leave on a second honeymoon (two years after the first one, booyah!) so now is the perfect time for an awesomeness I’ve been saving up for a while. When CJ and I go away, we shove the younger, more easygoing Ana into a pillowcase* and drop her at my parents’ house. Then we enlist a friend to housesit the remaining cat (plus fish, plants, etc). It means that each of our cats gets a kind of holiday, and our housesitting friend/s don’t have to deal with the complex and potentialy bloody rules of cat politics (who is allowed to sleep on the bed, who gets fed first, and so on).

Plus, my parents get a ball of fluff for a week or two.

The ball of fluff:

The individual of our household who most deserves a holiday:

We’re counting the days now!

Coming soon: S#73: Get away from it all. S#77: Beach. #112: Horseriding! #110: Ride a wave. And more!

*it’s calming. She travels quite well that way.

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4 thoughts on “#118: Lend a cat

  1. I love how ‘Glamour Shot’ that second cat picture is:

    Peaceful yet intense, slightly tilted head rested on a paw…

    You should be sure to include it in her acting portfolio.

    1. Ben: I’d describe her expression as annoyed. . . but maybe that’s just because I know her.

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