S#77: Beach

This is just outside the Wharf restaurant and aquarium, Merimbula.

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10 thoughts on “S#77: Beach

  1. That is not a beach! It’s a rock!

    Pebbles, rocks and mud do not constitute beach, merely coastline.

    1. And yet, beach or not, it’s still awesomeness 😀

      I love climbing on the rocks even more than digging my feet into the sand, actually.

      1. Georgia: I’ve always loved climbing about on rocks (especially purple ones).

    2. Ann: Oh, fair point. We did go to the beach pretty much every day (more photos are coming) but these were so pretty I wanted to post them asap.

  2. “Pebbles, rocks and mud do not constitute beach, merely coastline”

    I agree.

    Do you want to tell the British, or should I?

    1. I considered adding that as a note, but decided it would be futile. Plus, seeing they don’t have real beaches it would be a little cruel.

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