#272: Small town lolly shop

*not to be confused with lolly shop which is completely distinct from this entry, since I haven’t repeated myself once*


See those jelly beans? One of the flavours was pomegranite. POMEGRANITE! The others were sour lemon, wild cherry, pear, cranberry and apple, watermelon, grape, hawaiian pineapple, lemon and lime, tangerine, banana split, granny smith apple, tropical punch, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, peachy pie, raspberry jam, strawberry smoothie, south seas kiwi, pink grapefruit, and blueberry pie.

Always good to find another Jelly belly imitation.

Hey, fun and educational fact: The word “lolly” originated in Victoria, Australia. It first appeared in print in the 1860s.

Yay us.

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8 thoughts on “#272: Small town lolly shop

    1. W: There was an odd timewarp there. I wrote this article before elsewhere mentioning “candy” to which Ann responded with the recommendation that I use the Australian word “lolly”. I thought at the time that it was something that she remembered from this article – which it wasn’t, since she hadn’t read it yet.

      *going for a lie down now*

  1. Mmm… American’s don’t know what a lollie is 😉 It’s all candy here. For that matter, they don’t know what a biscuit is either – it’s all cookies!

    1. Jolyon: Two neat symbols for the predominantly one-way flow of culture from America to Australia.

      1. I did run into an American who knew what a tim tam slam is though. I was impressed!

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