#284: Leftover Fu

Arguably the most peculiar challenge of a decently epic party is what on earth to do with the leftovers. This was far more random than usual after the epic international feast.

I took this photo many times, as I kept finding another odd pot of something here or there.

From approximately left to right you have soda water (which I fed to CJ until he begged me to get rid of it), crosstata (which we had for dessert after dinner), chocolates & macadamias (which we browsed on all day), sour cream (which I’ll get to later), brazil nuts (we’re still happily eating those), tacos (which we froze), two bowls of satay sauce (I’ll get to those later), maple syrup and pancake mix (that was my breakfast), a coconut (which we ate some of, then threw away because it was a little dodgy), baklava (morning and afternoon tea), hommus and vegetables (which we ate some of, then threw away), halva (we got through that entire bucket at break-neck speed), caviar & mini toasts (which we ate gradually, over several days).

In the fridge I also had a large amount of uncooked yum cha dumpling mix which needed to be eaten, stat. Also some cream. So I fried all the yum cha dumpling mix, then added all the satay sauce and a whole bunch of cream. I mixed it with fresh-cooked rice and served it with sour cream to offset the chilli. It was seriously delicious, and a fitting epilogue to the international madness of the feast. It was, literally, a melting pot.

Speaking of epilogues, I had about seven different lists making the party happen, and this was the main one on the day:

I know how that list feels.

Last night CJ and I went to TROPFEST 2011 in Canberra. Tomorrow I’ll be writing a full report, including reviews of every single film AND a bonus film I made myself – capturing some of the hundreds of bats that responded to Tropfest by flying over our heads all at once.

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