#294: Flex days

The public service in Australia (that is, government work) has a LOT of awesome things about it, but the best of all is FLEX. It means that as long as you do your seven and a half hours a day (or whatever – it varies in different departments) you can do extra work – an hour here, a few minutes there – and then take whole days off.

Which makes your wife happy.

Today (a SCHOOL DAY, gasp!) CJ and I went together to the second-hand bookshop that was closed yesterday, and we bought two books (which I would name and applaud, but I’m giving them to people for their upcoming birthdays). Also, we mooched about. Then after watching an episode of “Chuck” over lunch* we mooched some more.

*CJ made me lunch, which was very sweet. One tiny problem: the man is clearly addled from excessive mooching about. He interrupted my reading to ask what I wanted for lunch. I smiled, thanked him, and asked for peanut butter and jam.

He wandered off upstairs to do the deed. After putting jam on a slice of bread, he couldn’t remember what “the other thing” was. All he remembered was that it had something in common with his own peanut butter and honey sandwich.

And so it was that I had a jam and honey sandwich for lunch.

To which I say, “EW!”

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8 thoughts on “#294: Flex days

    1. Ann: After these two, you’re next (Emma is on 10 March). And most likely, yes.

  1. Ah, this little entry was much enjoyed 🙂 I hope the story of your honey and jam sandwich endows more enjoyment to the world than the pain it took you to enact.

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