#298: Vodka Rainbow

Shiny, shiny colours. I can’t resist them. Particularly when they’re as high in sugar as Snookie is high on. . . life.

So I had the idea of drinking a RAINBOW OF VODKA. Since my job is to be awesome, I then did it.

Here’s the rainbow I chose (based purely on colour):

I decided to explore my rainbow in as many sensory ways as possible.

First, sight. It’s a tough call, but I think the purple is the prettiest. Or at least, the most freakishly unnatural. I was struck by inspiration and mixed red and blue to see if I could make purple myself. It turned black. That didn’t bode well. . .

Second, smell. The red (raspberry) smells like raspberry lollies, but more artificial (yes, really). The passionfruit and pine lime smelled like juice. The blueberry smelled like the smell really was, most definitely, a number pasted to a vat of harmful chemicals. The surprise winner was purple (a flavour they call “Pom pom”, since it doesn’t resemble any fruit, even in passing), which smelled of flowers and vanilla. Strange but true.

Finally, taste. The raspberry and blueberry were so desperately chemical I wondered why I thought this was a good idea (probably I was, as always, using alcohol as a poor substitute for chocolate. It happens). The pom pom tasted surprisingly good – sharp and unidentifiable at first, but I swear it had a sweet vanilla aftertaste. The passionfruit was a complementary flavour with nothing to complement. And the winner was pine lime, which was the closest to juice out of all five. (The combined raspberry and blueberry tasted like it looked – a black day for chemicals and colour.)

CJ helped me out in continuing the experiment, but we didn’t discover anything else. The notion that five vodka cruisers at once was a bad plan doesn’t count as a discovery.

Still, the hope-laden memory of all the pretty colours in a row is one I’m happy to keep.

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2 thoughts on “#298: Vodka Rainbow

  1. Interesting post for a Sunday morning……

    I dont think that I could drink any of those, even in the interests of awesomeness…. I would have gone with seeing if you could make a rainbow with liquids of different densities so you could drink it all out of the same glass!

    1. Ann: I’m always surprised by how gross vodka cruisers taste. But then the sugar content makes me forgive them, and have another.

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