S#8: Ich Bin Ein Stern

My mission of awesomeness was to sneak into a friend’s house and stick glow in the dark stars to their ceiling – an idea I LOVE except that the vast majority of my friends are renting.

So instead I gave (and “installed”) glow in the dark stars to the angelic-looking daughters of one of my friends. The whole family was tremendously excited, and it was a lot of fun. I’ll be thinking of them this evening as they lie in bed, desperately staying awake until the stars start to shine. (I’ll also be thinking of their mother, who is likely to experience an equally exciting evening.)

During the afternoon, CJ and I played “Pirate’s Cove” with the mum while the girls slept. The elder daughter (who is almost five) emerged after a while, and was permitted to watch us play.

“Mum,” she said. “Mum! You’re gonna win. You’re gonna win and I’m gonna love you forEVER!”

With a certain amount of interest, we asked what happened if her mum didn’t win.

The girl thought hard, and then made her pronouncement: “I’ll still love her. . . for a couple of days.”


For the next 24 hours I will be *gasp* offline as I endure the final 24 hours of my “week” without technology (the most difficult of Steff Metal’s 101 awesomenesses). See you tomorrow at 3pm sharp, Internet. I’ll miss you.

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