#300: Whiteout Fu

I am deeply absent-minded. In order to function, I have a complicated system of reminders.

My phone has alarms that go off when I need to prepare to go to work, and if there’s something obscure I’m scared I may forget. I also write on my hand a LOT (which is why I very frequently wake up with backwards writing across my cheek).

But most importantly, there is my diary. My basic system is that a single line cross-out means “This is no longer happening, but I may need it for records or decision-making at a later date”. A complete scribble means “This activity/task is done. Use what little mental space you have for other things.” The capital letters here and there indicate that I will see or have seen various students/employers – I keep those letters relatively pristine (and copies elsewhere in the diary) in case there’s a pay dispute.

Altogether, this is what a typical week looks like:

When the gibbering mass of pen marks gets to be too much, I attack it with whiteout. The relief of seeing a suddenly-blank page once more is profound.

How do you remember things?

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4 thoughts on “#300: Whiteout Fu

  1. Oh my God!
    I just read that shocking thing that I’m sure you obsessively checked the page for a hundred times before posting but somehow missed!

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