#304: Fall asleep at work

The ability to fall asleep anywhere is the talent that bites back. Because you end up falling asleep everywhere.

I used to work at Questacon (the National Science and Technology Centre, a popular tourist attraction) which gets extremely quiet in February each year as the school term starts. And by “extremely quiet” I mean “post-apocalyptically quiet”. On one day, there was a total of six customers (who emerged rather shaken after entering each gallery only to meet a jibbering attendant who offered them a personalised tour, then begged them not to leave). That time of year, it was often difficult not to fall asleep. I combated it by walking around and around in circles.

But then there’s my other job: tutoring. Now tutoring only goes for an hour at a time, and is very intensive (I can generally teach an entire week’s worth of material in any subject given 1-2 lessons). You’d think that would keep me awake. You’d  be wrong. One of my less-than-proud moments was when a student was rehearsing her speech for class and, while supposedly critiquing her, I fell asleep.*


In order to supplement my tutoring income, I sometimes do after-school care, which fundamentally involves picking kids up from school and then either watching TV or reading a book while they amuse themselves (or, sometimes, actually doing something – but not with my current family, who made it very clear the only reason I was there was in case the house spontaneously combusted. It hasn’t yet, so everyone’s happy). Last week, as both children played computer games, I laid my head on the arm of my chair – and slept.

The thing that makes this awesome? Firstly, I was still getting paid. Secondly, when I mentioned it to the parent in question, he was pleased.

Best. Job. Ever.

Also, the kids are nice.

Have you ever fallen asleep somewhere you probably shouldn’t have?

*Arguably, a valid response. Or at least, it was valid the first two times.

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8 thoughts on “#304: Fall asleep at work

  1. I feel required to insert the obligatory “tsk tsk” 😉 I gather that falling asleep during university lectures doesn’t count? I seem to be able to do that every day of the week, regardless of the amount of sleep I’ve had the past few nights!

    1. Jolyon: Nah, that doesn’t count at all. I used to have a particular tutorial that was immediately after a class – which meant that, in a class of perhaps fifteen in a tiny room, I was always in the front row. Ten minutes later, I’d be asleep. Oh dear. Ever since uni, any speech puts me instantly to sleep.

  2. I have on occasion crawled under my desk (when I was lucky enough to have a corner) and taken a nap, and I once managed to fall asleep resting my chin on my hand while reading a particularly boring paper off the screen…..

  3. I have fallen asleep:
    *In a bushfire
    *In a cyclone
    *Two rows up from the stage at a theatre production
    *During a lecture, in the front row
    *On a train, missing my stop
    *In a park in brisbane
    *In a movie theatre so I was woken by the cleaners.

    I am the king of falling asleep in inappropriate places.

    1. I tip my hat to you, Greg Gorton. You truly are the master of sleep in inappropriate places.

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