What now?

So, now that the Year of Daily Awesomeness is definitely, truly, over – what’s gonna happen?

I’m going to continue being awesome. It’s working out for me – it’s fun, gives me something to write about, gets me out of the house (sometimes) and it has literally* exponentially* increased the readership of this blog.

So awesomeness stays. . . but it won’t be every day (and, due to the fact that I clearly can’t count, I’ll stop numbering things). Coz, ya know, tiring. I will, however, be doing some cool stuff: Running a zombie walk, holding a Christmas party (not in December), learning a post-apocalypse skill, visiting a glass-blowing factory, visiting an aquarium, and more.

Sundays are now STEAMPUNK SUNDAYS, an innovation I dedicate to you, dear reader, because the clearest readership trend is that my peeps love steampunk. Since you’ve already pushed me farther and farther into the world of steam (so much so that I’m now writing a steampunk trilogy – yes, because of YOU), it seems only fair to reward you with a regular injection of both steam and punk. I’ve already saved up about twenty blog entries – strange pieces of history, beautiful pictures, and fascinating articles – so it should be exquisite.

Mondays are now MISCELLANEOUS MONDAYS: for whatever I feel like at the time. Again, I’ve prepped several in advance. . . and this Monday you’ll be reading about a hilarious true thing that happened.

Remember this phrase: “As big as a pigeon!”

And SATURDAYS are reserved for writing articles selected judiciously from some of the twenty or so writerly blogs that I follow. And, to ensure I’m not just cutting, pasting, and linking, each one will have an adorable cat picture taken by yours truly.

Many of the articles are funny, some are rude (Chuck Wendig, I’m looking at you), and all of them are interesting and useful.

The rest of the week will still be devoted to Daily Awesomeness. . . although I do have some more schemes up my sleeve for 2012, including a year-long one-day-a-week writing course from concept to publication – which I’m in the process of writing just for you.

Tomorrow will be all about Steff Metal, with pictures relating to her awesomeness-inspiring list (all 101 of which I have now done for myself), so here’s two cat pictures to tide you over until Saturday next week:

If you’re in Australia, Earth Hour is tomorrow (Saturday March 26) from 8:30-9:30pm.

Climate Change scientists have been predicting for decades that nature is gonna get nasty if we don’t shape up – and this year is nothing if not motivating.

*yes I know what the word means

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    1. Ann: Shall we mutually investigate the options? I doubt any sane person would let us actually DO anything (other than watch and take photos).

  1. I believe there is a glass factory that does allow plebs to do things….. I’ll look into it.

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