World’s most awesomest fruit?

Check this out. It’s called dragonfruit. Raargh!

I ate some for the first time last Thursday. It’s about the size of an apple, with a faint sweet smell. I had absolutely no idea what I’d find when I opened it up. Most grocery stores stock it some of the time.

On the inside it has a uniform texture with small crunchy seeds. It tastes sweet, although it’s not a strong taste. It’s very similar to kiwifruit in both taste and texture – and, like kiwifruit, is perfect for eating with a spoon.

Go now and do likewise.

PS Durian is awesome too, but not for the faint of heart.

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4 thoughts on “World’s most awesomest fruit?

  1. With regard to Durian, it should be noted that ‘awesome’ and ‘awful’ have a common root.

  2. Dragonfruit are a treat for the eyes. I was rather disappointed by the taste, though. I thought it was rather bland.

    Still, like I said, in terms of look, they’re totally alien fruit.

    1. W: I like my fruit sweet, so I was happy enough. I confess, chocolate flavoured would have been more exciting.

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