Stay in

The view outside: There isn’t one.

The smell: Rain. And a hint of snow on the wind.

The sound: intense banging, crashing winds from the nearby mountains. Heavy rain. Birds screaming to one another. Sirens.

My plan for today: Lie down a lot. Do not leave the house for any reason. Receive a visitor in the afternoon.

Don’t you wish your plans were the same as mine?

Here’s a pic of a different storm, taken by my friend Richard Conan-Davies:


I shall now unplug the computer and go back to bed.

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2 thoughts on “Stay in

  1. It was a good day to be home on the couch!! I have to go back to work tomorrow, hope the weather is better for it!

    1. Ann: There aren’t any high-wind warnings for tomorrow, so that’s a plus.

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