Back in the Summertime, CJ and I visited the Wharf Restaurant and Aquarium in Merimbula. The restaurant is excellent (great food, great service, and a stunning location right on the water), and so is the aquarium.

We first visited the Wharf Restaurant and Aquarium on our honeymoon, and when we were about to pay we realised we hadn’t brought any money whatsoever. While CJ went home to fetch his wallet, the staff suggested I amuse myself by wandering around the aquarium (for free, which was very sweet of them). I fell in love with the giant cuttlefish – the same one that’s giving me the finger with its tentacle at the end of this video.

We knew then that we’d have to go back – and this year, we did.

A lot of couples have a “babymoon” when they get pregnant – one last holiday without children. It’s a good thing CJ and I had our babymoon well before we made Mini-Me. Apart from anything else, we ate a lot of seafood and drank a lot of wine.


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