Hobbit party

My friend Cupcake* had a birthday party on Saturday, and chose to indulge his natural hobbit-like tendencies. This meant:

1. Lots of food.

2. Lots of games.

3. He wore a charming hand-knitted waistcoat.

In a shocking twist, I actually attended. Altogether, I was out of my own house for over four hours.



In an even more shocking twist, I ate the same dinner as everyone else. It was stew with dumplings. Since I’ve been eating mainly bread for two months, the consumption of the dumpling was unsurprising. However I was also able to eat the pieces of carrot. . . my first recognisable vegetable since May. CJ was so shocked he took a photo:



Since the party, I’ve eaten potatoes and mushrooms with no ill effects. Thank you, hobbit party, for opening the door.

*not his real name

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