Break up a fight

The other night, CJ and I were woken at 3:00am by a chorus of animalistic screams. CJ leapt from the bed, thinking our two cats had finally decided to fight for real. Would there be blood between the ancient enemies at long last?




Nah. In actual fact Ana (above) was screaming and hissing through the cat door at an impertinent neighbourhood cat. Or, to put it another way, she was being a good girl and defending us from a home invasion (the kind that is likely to involve cat pee on the carpet). CJ chased off the other cat while I watched Indah in our room, hoping she wouldn’t go and fight Ana due to all the excitement.

Indah is thirteen years old and grumpy – and there was honour at stake. She walked to the bedroom door, ready to join the fight. She stopped, and walked back towards the cupboard (her safe place). She walked to the door. She walked back. She walked to the door.

She jumped up into the cupboard and didn’t come down for twelve hours.

When the going gets tough, the tough. . . hide.

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4 thoughts on “Break up a fight

    1. W: It’s a pretty freaky sound to hear in your house at 3:00am. Always reassuring to know Ana (whose full name is, no kidding, Princess Ana) is still the killing machine she always has been. She once killed a bird that was as big as she is.

  1. …So her real full name is ‘Princess Killing Machine Ana’…?

    Also, isn’t that an anime series?

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