Canberra Zombie Walk

Spring has sprung and the time is ripe for the dead to rise (who, coincidentally, are also ripe).
If you’ve ever thought, “Why aren’t there more zombies in Canberra?” it’s time to take your place in the shuffling masses.
When: Saturday October 29
Meet at: The Civic chess pit (Garema Place) at 4:30pm
We’ll stagger along en masse until the shrieks of the public don’t thrill us any more, and then disperse.
YES you may invite your undead friends, family and partners (and give them my email address fellissimo at hotmail dot com).
YES you may mention the civic meeting place & time in psychotic-filled public forums such as facebook.

If you need assistance with makeup, let me know. I have an expert on hand, but you will need to book a spot with her and pay for materials.

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