Snickers Sandwich

This is what I call a snickers sandwich – it’s crunchy peanut butter and nutella, combined:

You’re welcome, people of the world.

What are your strangely delicious sandwich combinations?

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8 thoughts on “Snickers Sandwich

  1. Cheese and banana
    Apple and cheese
    (I’ve never tried apple, cheese and banana, though – too much)
    Jam and honey – sugar overdose.

    1. W: You ate jam and honey. . . on purpose? I only ate it one time, when CJ couldn’t remember what I’d asked for.

    1. Ann: I can see that working. There’s something about fat + salt that is genius is almost any form.

  2. In Europe, nutella and peanut butter generally come pre-mixed.

    …Also they eat fine chocolate shavings on bread. Is nice.

    1. Ben: Indonesians sprinkle nuts and chocolate shavings on martabak-style pancakes (also called “terang bulan” which can technically be translated “Moonshine”).

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