Adoption in Australia

Every country has its areas of weakness, stupidity, or sheer badness. Australia has three that I know of that are fairly unique to us:

1. Our bizarre paranoia and lack of compassion regarding boat people – that is, refugees who arrive by boat (who are constantly the target of political rhetoric despite being incredibly rare compared to say, illegal immigrants who are rich enough to arrive by plane).

2. The life and death and health and crime statistics for Aboriginal Australians are drastically worse than those for the rest of Australia (although this is in part due to the city/country divide).

3. It is incredibly difficult, invasive, and time-consuming to adopt a child. Clearly, we want children to be protected from bad parents if possible, but this process in Australia is simply tragic. Good people who want to adopt children are put through so much lengthy red tape that even if they are eventually approved, they have passed the acceptable age range and are not allowed to adopt younger children.

If someday you get a chance to vote to change #3, please do so.

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