Screams in the night

It’s happened before: we’ve been invaded by a neighbour’s cat who saunters in through our oh-so-inviting cat door only to realise that (a) Princess Ana will defend her territory tooth and claw, and (b) The cat door only goes inwards – not outwards.

This time CJ and I were awoken at 2:00am by such an extreme cacophony of screaming and hissing and banging that we both bolted to the front door expecting scenes of bloody carnage. The intruder fled past us to the study so quickly I couldn’t even tell whether it was our cat or someone else’s (it turned out Indah was hiding in our room, and Ana was outside looking in – furiously preventing the intruder’s escape). CJ opened the front door and the cat flew back past us and streaked away into the night.

This meant Ana and the intruder were both outside. CJ and I called sweetly for our fluffy/psychotic princess (she’s one of those peculiar cats who will often come when you call – presumably out of simple curiosity). Once she was within sight (but clearly too psyched up to come in), CJ went and ran the shower for a second. Ana is addicted to running water, so at that stage instinct took over and she ran in to lap at the shower tiles. At which point we locked her inside for the night.

Pictured: the defender of our borders. Approach with extreme caution!

CJ and I went back to bed, soothed Indah, and lay down to sleep as well as we could. Once again, none of the cats were so much as scratched. This time was different, however. This time the WHOLE family was involved – all the excitement gave Louisette the hiccups.

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