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CJ and I live in a two-bedroom flat, and one of us who shall remain nameless (but isn’t me) has a little bit of. . . well, stuff. Uni textbooks and random paraphernalia and so on. We cunningly realised we’d need all the space we could get when we had a child, so when we bought a bed (wedding present) we took a ruler to the furniture shops to measure the clearance underneath. That way we could make sure we could fill the entire space underneath with plastic storage boxes. Cleaning out CJ’s study for Louisette was a moderately epic process last year, and that space under the bed was brilliant.

In general we have a very simple lifestyle designed fundamentally to avoid housework or any unneccesary exertion (for example, we don’t own an iron – CJ’s shirts drip dry on the line, and I avoid buying clothes that wrinkle). Almost the only additional thing I could do pre-baby was to grow out my fringe, thus avoiding the need to use a hair straightener each day. It’s a good thing too, because even brushing my hair was sometimes beyond me while I was pregnant.

And, we bought a dryer. So, so useful on sick or rainy days.

I stocked up before and during pregnancy on frozen meals, and on pretty much any food or household item that doesn’t go off in a hurry – soap, toothpaste, tinned tuna, frozen meat, and so on. Again, very handy.

In January last year I went crazy with my writing and by the time I fell pregnant I was several weeks ahead on the twenty-hour weekly writing quota I’ve stuck to since the beginning of 2006. Those extra hours were meant to cover the early days of motherhood, but instead I used them up during pregnancy. I did finish last year’s quota, however, and decided it was time to finally give up my precious twenty hours a week. Which is not to say I’ll stop writing (hah!) – I’ll just write when I feel like it, and not worry about the amount of time I spend doing it. (Some people would stop writing under these conditions. As this blog shows, I am not one of them.) That takes the pressure off.

I also gave Gimli and the smaller of our two fish tanks to a friend. She enjoys having fish, and I have slightly less pet maintenance to do.

I should probably mention that Gimli is a fish. . .

My friend bought him a harem of female guppies to keep him happy, which they most certainly did.


 The moral of this entry is that simplifying one’s life is indeed awesome, particularly when preparing to have a baby.

In utterly unrelated news, I’ve lost another four kilos in the last week as my body says goodbye to all the excess fluid of pregnancy. That makes me feel pretty good. I can wear my shoes (with considerable difficulty) and yesterday I managed to jam my wedding ring back on my finger.


Okay, maybe that wasn’t the greatest plan. I removed the ring immediately after taking this photo (soap and cold water was involved). Presumably this means I’ll continue to lose weight rapidly for a bit longer. I’m certainly not complaining.

And now for your cuteness quota of the day. I like to call this photo “Ninja Baby” and presume that if an enemy approaches her in this position she will punch out their lights before she opens her eyes.

It’s a skill for life.


Observant readers will notice that this entry has appeared only a few hours after last entry. Yesterday I ran late; today I’m running early (like, “midnight plus thirty seconds” early). Tomorrow (Friday) there’ll be another book review, since I THINK I’m now finally finished all my pregnancy/early baby days entries. Or at least I’m up to today.

For now.

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