Skyfire 2012

Skyfire is an annual event in Canberra that manages, even in our tiny town, to draw actual genuine crowds of people. It is always a huge hassle to get there and back, because Canberrans are bewildered by the whole experience of moving en masse. Also, this year, it rained. A lot.

But CJ and I force ourselves to make the effort, and when the fireworks start (they’re set to music because it’s run by a local radio station, FM 104.7) there’s always a moment when I think, “Oh THAT’s right. It is worth coming, after all.” My muscles are all still really rubbish from pregnancy/birth so even the ten minute walk from the car was moderately difficult, and sitting on the ground for hours was quite painful. But again – worth it.

We left Louisette with my parents (one less trauma for her to endure at our hands). With startling organisational skills, we managed to make it to the end of Anzac Parade (the family-friendly section, with almost no drunks) several hours before the fireworks began. We both promptly fell asleep. At seven, we were woken by cannon fire.

The rest of the article is at weekend notes.


Then the Roulettes did their pretty thing overhead.


And then, once the rain was good and steady, fireworks!

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