Half her lifetime: Photos from month 1 to month 2

Here is the second month-long installment of the daily Louisette pictures. The first month is here. The Project 365 album (with my comments and others) is here. I update it pretty much every day.



When I say, “She gets more beautiful every day” I have proof that it’s the literal truth.

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9 thoughts on “Half her lifetime: Photos from month 1 to month 2

  1. Love the photos. I have one of Andy asleep on a sleeping Craig’s Belly when we were in Japan. Love the last smiley one too. You all look well and happy xxx

    1. JT: Well don’t try and visit now, unless you want to meet our housesitters! We’re about to leave for China for two and a half weeks.

    1. CJ’s mum: Indeed. Her hair has just got to the point where it looks like normal, flowing hair (except for the punk-style sticking=up bit on top).

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