Baby Days

As you can tell, Louisette is so brilliant she likes to read over her dad’s shoulder.

Louisette’s feeding is changing: she’ll only breastfeed for about ten minutes (as opposed to up to 40 minutes pre-travel) and she’s having a bit more than half her food from formula – which does make things easier for me.

I’m prepping a “travelling with baby” blog for after I get back, which will have everything I’ve learnt from all this travel. In the meantime, here are two pictures of her getting burped (in the first, she’s just caught sight of herself in the hotel mirror).

The best thing about travelling with a baby is you always have a great source of entertainment.



Two day ago Louisette really impressed us: She initiated a game of peek-a-boo with her Dad. Not only did she pick the parent who plays peek-a-boo with her most often, but she demonstrated the initiative and self-awareness to know that another person wouldn’t see her face if she turned her head to hide in the side of her baby bag. Wow.


And here’s another breastfeeding photo – perched on a dusty shelf just outside the Forbidden City, with passers-by walking up and taking photos.



And here’s a pretty sunset from our hotel window, just because.




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4 thoughts on “Baby Days

  1. She is so adorable!!!

    Why do Chinese people always take buttloads of photos of westerners?! When I was little, my parents took me to some wildlife park here in Australia, and after we’d wandered around a bit, I sat down outside with an ice cream while the rest of the family got their own, and a family of Asian tourists came and started taking photos of me. One of them picked me up and put me on his knee… I accidentally got ice cream on his chin. But seriously, strangers taking photos of you breastfeeding is going a bit far isn’t it? :/

    Pretty sunset! 😀

    1. Bonnee: THey didn’t take MORE photos when I was feeding her. . . just constant photos, especially that day because a lot of non-Beijingers who’ve never seen a westerner were visiting the Forbidden City too.

  2. Don’t you just love how all those teeny tiny milestones are just the biggest most delightful thing in the world for a little while? I’m like, hmm any kid can do this, but she just did it for the first time and she’s a GENIUS!! It makes me want to sing, and actually makes me laugh and grin very often, these stupid little wonderful developments. one of the greatest joys of parenthood, being so stupidly proud and blissfully in love. 🙂

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