Half a year!

Can you believe it?!?! Louisette is already six months old. Project 365 (taking a photo every day for a year) is half over. Things continue to change rapidly: she is taking her first crawling steps (legs only), she says, “Mum” when she wants me to come, and she can sit up unsupported quite happily. It’s a terrifying and thrilling time as she gains the ability to actively promote her own self-destruction.

(Earlier photos can be found at one month, two, three, four and five.)

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5 thoughts on “Half a year!

  1. Maybe I’m getting paranoid, but I’m already thinking of her going to school, because she’s growing up so fast!

    1. Sue Whiting (the author) wrote on facebook that her daughter just graduated – and I almost cried because it’s going to be so soon and I’m already so proud I can hardly bear it.

  2. I had both Chloe and Immy here this week and at 25 and 21 still love them more than ever! Nick is a new addition!

    1. I was so delighted to hear you’d had a surprise visitor for your special occasion. 🙂

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