Louisette is seven months old

She crawls, and she has her first tooth. The whole world of movement and (soon) chewable food is opening up. She’s like a teenager who just earned her driving license. AND she has another cousin (a girl).

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4 thoughts on “Louisette is seven months old

  1. The most beautiful baby girl in the world – in my humble opinion! I particularly love the pic of her asleep with the cat nearby. The tooth is news! First of many – hope they come in quietly 🙂

    1. CJ’s Mum: Oh yeah! I was just thinking I should email you about the tooth’s appearance (finally!)

  2. No worries – technology fills all the gaps – ooh a pun! What great pics though – I will steal many 🙂

    1. I just realised today that I hadn’t told my mum – I’d thought I had because I first felt the tooth when I was in her house. . . but she was at the other end and had no idea.

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