Last Friday, when Louisette and I were picking up another child from her school, we were very early and I decided to see if she could walk the whole way to the classroom from the carpark. She did – and then wandered around the play area on foot for another twenty minutes. That day marked the end of an era. She’s certainly slow and easily distracted, and she falls on her bum plenty – but there’s no looking back now.

On Sunday we went to the Commonwealth Park castle playground with some friends, and she walked to the playground from where we were sitting – with a little help from her friend.




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2 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Awww :3 It’s such a milestone, though, for us as parents and for them – to realize that they’re now actually walking and not just “trying to walk.” And if yours are anything like mine were, figuring out quite quickly that walking and running are WAY faster than scooting and crawling!

    1. Oddly enough during the last month she tried out scooting for the first time.

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