Sickening (PG mild swearing)

It’s now abundantly clear that every time I cut down on chocolate – even for as little as a day – I get sicker. Not “darn these pesky sniffles” sicker but, “Oh man, bronchitis again? With more permanent internal organ damage due to the violence of the coughing? Great.”

Luckily, I’m aware than moving house is one of the largest personal stresses (outdone only by death and divorce – some of which unfortunately also involve moving house) so hopefully in a few months when life calms down considerably, I’ll be able to lose weight without falling apart.

Of course it’ll be Winter then. And once the weather warms up (properly; I find September and October cold) I’ll start thinking about getting pregnant again. So that’s 2014 and 15 taken care of – about a year of permanent crippling nausea followed by about a year of never getting eight hours’ sleep in a row.

Mother Nature is a real bitch. If I saw her in the street I’d punch her in the guts.

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