New job

New job

I started a new job last Friday – working at a childcare centre that morphs into a school once the relevant child (in this case, Louisette) is old enough. I’m hugely impressed with the school as a whole – so much so that it looks a lot like I’ll be becoming a real live teacher (qualified and everyfink) eventually. Location + awesome work environment + connection to Louisette = win.

For now, as a not-particularly-qualified child care worker, I’m on their casual register – and so is Louisette. We come as a pair whenever called upon, which is great for everyone.

I really enjoyed my first day and the staff were kind enough to remain illness-depleted through the weekend so I can have another shift tomorrow.

In other news, although CJ and I were officially unpacked days after moving in, today we’re REALLY unpacked – CJ sorted four boxes of miscellaneous sentimental stuff (all his) into one plastic container to go into storage – and he finished today. An EXCELLENT Mothers’ Day present (unless one considers that I unpacked all my stuff weeks ago, so why is this impressive?)

Which also means I was finally able to take photos of our garage (aka CJ’s study, aka “The Library”) as it’s meant to look.

Three-bedroom two-bathroom houses at our end of the market (the “renovate or detonate” end, usually) are around 100 square metres in size, and often claim that the garage would easily convert to a fourth bedroom. This one was already converted (technically it was never used as a garage – it even has down lights, proper insulation – except for the roller door – and is connected to the reverse cycle AC), which meant we could use it right away (most of the houses we looked at didn’t have good alternate parking places, but this one does). You’ll understand how useful that is when you look at the photo and imagine fitting all those bookshelves into a comfortably-full-already-thanks home. We are VERY lucky.

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