IMG_1575It’s Wednesday afternoon and no blog post. Quick! Find a picture of Louisette with a cat! That will make it all better!

(Incidentally, the colonoscopy went fine and the doctor reckons my problems can be solved by avoiding foods high in FODMAPS – basically I lack enough enzymes to break down fructose, lactose etc. We’ll see. Also, valium is cool. And a little scary. It’s literally a moment of, “Well, Louise, you’ll be falling asleep real soon” followed by, “Hi Louise, how are you feeling now that your colonoscopy is done?” Good thing I didn’t swallow those fluorescent purple corn kernels, because I would have missed that delightful moment of discovery, and that would have been SUCH a shame.)

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2 thoughts on “Eep!

  1. Ah ha – a fellow FODMAP avoider! Works for me, so I’m happy to send across what I have been given by my friendly dietician.

    1. CJ’S Mum: Much appreciated! My mu had an app for it too (although it didn’t help her, so she’s on other diets now).

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