I’m now horribly ill with pharyngitis (Wikipedia describes it as “quite painful”* – and it’s worth noting that the first third or so of labour is usually described as “uncomfortable”). CJ covered about five hours of my at-home babysitting yesterday (he said, “I see why you’re so tired on Wednesdays”, which was gratifying), and I’m not doing any of the twenty hours of work I had scheduled for today (Thursday) and tomorrow. For a while yesterday I thought maybe I should quit everything and just relax forever, but that was quite evidently sickness talking, and if it wasn’t – what could I do? I have a toddler, so even if “do nothing” was my avowed life goal, I’d be minding her for the usual 12 hours a day anyway. Today, although still very sick (barely conscious, really) I miss work. My normal Thursday is six and a half hours at the child care centre, followed immediately by 3 hours of work at home. I’d so much rather be doing that than what I’m actually doing today – which is mostly sleeping.

Work is my drug – which I think is actually true for most people (they just forget it, because it’s so easy for them to DO work, despite the boredom and soul-crushing-ness) – just ask someone who’s long-term unemployed. I can embrace it, a bit (especially in my current phase of life, when I may as well really), but I’ll try not to forget how easy it is to overdose.

*My doctor literally printed out and gave me the Wikipedia article. This, apparently, is what the future looks like.

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