Yes, I’m alive.

I also have a computer that is fast enough to keep up with my (heartily moderate) typing speed. Huzzah!

“Heart of Brass” is perilously close to actual, 3-D publication.

The next game from Tin Man Games has a tentative release date of 17 August (and every week after that, for many months).

But having a new computer meant I needed to log in to wordpress again. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

I’m getting better.

It doesn’t make me cry any more.

Heck, it only took me 9 minutes this time. I have it down to a fine art.

Step 1: Attempt to just log on. This time was unusually good; I didn’t remember my password, but I *did* remember my username this time.

Step 2: Ask to retrieve password. This requires me to remember my backup email address. This time was unusually good; it only took me two tries.

Step 3: Access my backup email address. This requires two things: Remembering the password (obviously not going to happen), and remembering how to log out of google (two attempts each; a personal best).

Step 4: Reset password. It’s not allowed to be short or memorable, or anything I’ve ever used before. This is when I discover the last six passwords I used.

Step 5: Log in. Which requires remembering the new password for five seconds, or starting again from the beginning. Since I remembered NOT to click the big “Generate strong password” button (which creates a stream of gibberish in order to help one restart the process from scratch), I got it first go.

So here we are. Victorious.

Yes, computer, I WOULD like to save that password for next time.

Here is a photo of my son from this afternoon, asleep on my sleeping husband’s lap.



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