One of the blogs I like is Whatever.Scalzi.com, the site of Big-Time Scifi Author & Generally Pretty Decent Human Being John Scalzi.

Feel free to go take a look at his blog and/or writing. I’ll wait. Oh, and go ahead and read the comments. His readers are smart and interesting and polite (thanks in large part to his Mallet of Loving Correction).

John likes cats, bacon, pictures of sunsets, and weirdo liberal ideas like “women are human” and “poor people aren’t poor because they’re bad”. He also lets other authors trample all over his blog a couple of times a week, talking about the “Big Idea” that turned into their latest novel. I get a lot of my book recommendations that way.

This week it will be my turn to talk about the Big Idea behind SILVER AND STONE (which, incidentally, is now on sale pretty much everywhere). I’m deliriously excited.

When my own Big Idea post goes live, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, hello and welcome to John Scalzi fans that have clicked through to my corner of the internet. Here is my cat, who I’m sure would be a very gracious hostess if she wasn’t a cat.


I finished a chunk of writing and sent it off to editors today, so my world is full of smiles and sunshine. And how are you?

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