One quarter of her life in daily photos

Here is Louisette (not her real name, because this is the internet) from the first, second, third and now fourth month of her life. Last month she visited China and Hong Kong. This month she became obsessed with standing, attempting (unsuccessfully) to crawl, and looking at boys. She also had an ultrasound (just to confirmContinue reading “One quarter of her life in daily photos”

Comparison: The Dancing Dress

China has a firewall preventing access to wordpress (ah, China you wacky thing you *eyeroll*), so my blog entries will have to wait a little while. I’m not dead, I promise. I will update when I can (there are ways around the firewall, but my access to those will be sporadic at best). In theContinue reading “Comparison: The Dancing Dress”

A lifetime in pictures: The first month

I have taken at least one picture of Louisette every day since she was born. I’ll keep doing this until she’s at least a year old. There are comments hereĀ at Project 365. It is already possible to see enormous changes. Here are the best (culled mercilessly, especially when she was photographed with other people –Continue reading “A lifetime in pictures: The first month”