Heart of Brass

I wrote a book called HEART OF BRASS, which was shortlisted (under the pen-name ‘Louise Curtis’ – which I no longer use) in the Text Publishing Prize. It is linked to another project of mine, ATTACK OF THE CLOCKWORK SOLDIER, which is likely to be available later this year, so this blog entry is designed to helpContinue reading “Heart of Brass”

New Steampunk YA, featuring girls who (*gasp*) do stuff

“The Friday Society” sounds like it was blessed with a smart, thoughtful writer. Here’s some of what she wrote about her aims at Whatever.com: “A lot is made of strong female characters. To the point where panels are created at conventions to discuss the topic. Yet it is most rare to see a panel onContinue reading “New Steampunk YA, featuring girls who (*gasp*) do stuff”

Beginner’s Guide to Steampunk Lit

Yes, it’s finally here! My idea of what a map of steampunk might look like. Harangue me on my choices and omissions below! Post it wherever you like, with a link back here. Caveat #1: This is only books (I tried to make it only novels, or at least novelists). Caveat #2: I’m only oneContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Steampunk Lit”