YA steampunk trilogy *swoon*

As you can tell from the title, this trilogy is good. Really, really good. Well, probably. See, only two of the books are out so far. It’s theoretically possible that the final book in the series will RUIN EVERYTHING. But, to be honest, I don’t think so. Before I get distracted: The books are stunninglyContinue reading “YA steampunk trilogy *swoon*”

Daylight Day 79: Steampunk

“Should I check on the school?” Pi asked. I said, “Nah. Once they’re cured they’ll be strong enough to untie themselves. Almost definitely.” ———————————– “Paranormal romance” is now its own genre – with plenty of shelf space. There’s such a lot of it that I hope the Western world overdoses and starts to hate it.Continue reading “Daylight Day 79: Steampunk”